Incredible Inari

Incredible Inari

Inari, the center of Sami in Finland. Signs of living in the area have been found since the stone age…

Inari village is situated in the crossing of ancient passage routes and has been an important market and meeting point for several centuries. The first church was situated a few kilometres north east from the current village, built in the 1650’s. The current Inari church was built in the late 1800’s and to this day stands very close to its original location, only having been moved a short distance away due to getting destroyed in the Second World War and re-built in 1952. During the 19th century, people started to settle around the Inari church and thus the village slowly started to form.

During our road trip you will learn about the fasinating history of Inari including Sami people, nature and reindeer hearding in the area.
We will visit Siida; the rewarded museum and nature center. As well as Sajos; Home of the Sami parliament in Finland, also a congress and cultural center.

Following this, we will take a short hike to river Juutua and have a homemade picnic lunch around the open fire. Having eaten and enjoyed our lunch surrounded by nature with open running water, you will have time to visit some local handicraft and souvenir shops in the village.

On the way back we will make a short visit up to Tuulispää fell, a great vantage point to Lake Inari and the surrounding area.

Duration of the trip 5-6 hours.

Group size 2-4 persons. Price 125 eur/person.

Children under 12 years – 50%

Price includes:
– all transports
– entrance tickets – picnic lunch
– guiding
– insurance

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